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"Lamberts Healthcare is a European operating company, successfully positioning the strong brand ‘Lamberts’ over 27 years in the UK healthcare market. As part of the German parent company Merck KGaA, the brand is now available in six European countries including the Netherlands," said general manager John Redman of Lamberts UK. 

"The brand is already well represented but of course we want to open more markets in Europe and the Middle East. The strategy is determined in England and per country the translation is made for marketing, sales, warehousing and distribution. In the Dutch market, we are active for 20 years. With Holland Pharma we have an outstanding contractual partner for the Benelux. They understand our philosophy, brand- and market strategy and in cooperation with
Health Benefits 08 (HB08) our brand is excellently represented, whereby the brand can grow in the Netherlands. Holland Pharma is the responsible partner in this, where marketing and sales are hosted by HB08. Both parties have an excellent knowledge of the market where our innovative brand, which range now consists of 150 product items, is in good hands. Within three to five years we want to double our turnover and the space for this quality-label is there in Europe".


"The basis of our quality lies with the departments of research and development. Only the best materials are used in our food supplements and herbal extracts. The strict pharmaceutical conditions of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) are applicable on all our products. Reliability is thus one of the most important cornerstones of our brand. We invest much time and money in building complete records on a scientific basis. Legislation from Brussels leaves too much room for interpretation whereof differences arise in each country. The control must be robust and therefore we also invest much time in the Health Food Association to enforce a better claim regulation. The wheat needs to be separated from the chaff. Compositions of our products and the quantities of raw materials must relate seamlessly with the required Lamberts quality-level and substantiated with scientific dossiers. Lamberts knows that the true value of herbs, as well as nutritional supplements, is determined by the purity, potency, source and manufacturing. And we do not want to compromise this, for that would be Lamberts unworthy because it is all about the correctly composed amounts. We say what we do and we do what we say! "